Relax NG Compact schema for Ant build files

Posted by Florent Georges, on 2007-06-24, in ant, nxml and schema.

Someone asked a few days ago on the nXML mailing list a question about a schema for Ant build files, in this thread. Steinar Bang came with a schema he generated from a sample Ant build file.

A specific Ant task generated a DTD from the content of this build file, then he transformed it to a Relax NG Compact schema. This is not a rigorous schema, but this would be enough as a basis to edit Ant build files with nXML and get completion.

The schema can be found at: http://​fgeorges.​org/​purl/​20070624/​ant.​rnc.

Posted by Florent Georges, on 2007-06-24T23:56:00, tags: ant, nxml and schema.