Error handling extension for XSLT 2.0

Posted by Florent Georges, on 2007-06-30, in saxon and xslt.

I finally wrote a few words about the try/catch extension I wrote for Saxon a couple of months ago (see this and this entries). You can find the project page there: http://​​fgeorges.​org/​xslt/​error-safe/.

I also wrote a first draft of a specification for such an extension. There are some differences between this and the actual implementation for Saxon, but the spirit remains the same. It can be found there: http://​fgeorges.​org/​xslt/​error-safe/​error-safe.​html.

I don't know if the EXSLT project is open to extensions for XSLT 2.0. I think that would be worth having an error handling extension defined in such a vendor-neutral project. I'm indeed interested in any comments about this extension and its specification.

Posted by Florent Georges, on 2007-06-30T23:22:00, tags: saxon and xslt.